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Paraprofessional Staff at Banneker-Doyle

The Paraprofessional Staff (Assistants, Health-Care Assistants, Strand Instructors) working at Banneker-Doyle are a multi-generational group from different career and academic backgrounds, such as marketing, management, business, construction, culinary arts and education to name just a few. All Paraprofessional Staff have passed the district proficiency test or have the equivalent of an AA degree. Many have obtained advanced degrees.  They work alongside the teachers providing support to the various instructional programs, assisting students with accessing and thriving in their learning environments, both on and off campus.

In addition to vocational education, they help the students to build both functional and academic skills. Some assistants are fluent in sign language to help our students with hearing disabilities. Banneker-Doyle also has healthcare assistants specifically trained to attend to the physical and medical needs of some of our students. Some of our Paraprofessionals at Banneker-Doyle have been able to transfer their expertise into roles as Strand Instructors with the support of Certified Staff and Administration.

At Banneker-Doyle, we believe that by providing rigorous vocational training and instructional programs for our students with exceptionalities, we will empower each student to reach their full potential.  Our Paraprofessional Staff are key in helping our students to develop their unique abilities to become "job-equipped, workforce ready and maximally independent."